What makes Olala Cannabis Beverages Unique?

Hi gang – so we’re getting a lot of questions about how our sodas compare to the other cannabis-infused beverages available to 502 stores in WA State. In brief, our soda is the ONLY liquid infused edible that is:

Fully carbonated

All other beverages in the state come bottled in standard, off-the-shelf beer bottles. This is because it’s cost-effective for the manufacturer, but unfortunately beer is not very carbonated and the bottles to carry it are not equipped to handle the higher levels of carbonation required by a true soda. This is why some of our competitors’ bottles have exploded in storerooms throughout the state – luckily no store staff or customers have been hurt … yet. By contrast, Olala sodas are bottled in custom bottles designed to take carbonation levels as high as or slightly higher than Coca-Cola, the most carbonated soda on the market.

Olala Cannabis Infused Soda

Sweetened only with pure cane sugar

Other beverages on the market use concentrated fruit juices, artificial sweeteners, and in some cases, even high fructose corn syrup (yuk). We use pure cane sugar for its taste, its “mouthfeel,” and to aid in uptake and digestion of our infused sodas.

Fully homogenized

A lot of beverages on the market come in dark or shrink-wrapped bottles, the better to shield the sediment and gunk settling on the bottom of their bottle. This is caused by poor homogenization of the cannabis oil into the beverage flavoring. Olala sodas never have this problem, because we use advanced flavor creation techniques to fully homogenize our cannabis extract with our soda syrups before adding purified water and carbonating. We’ve had sodas sitting on our lab shelves for over 8 months with no separation or sedimentation whatsoever.

Infused only with Co2-extracted cannabis

This is one that’s easy to check, because the state mandates that we disclose extraction methods on all infused edibles. When you check, you’ll see many beverages make a blanket statement about all the types of extraction methods – butane, propane, ethanol, and Co2 – that *may* have been used in their extraction. Others gloss this point over with references to “hydrocarbon” extractions – translation: Butane. At Olala, we use Co2 finished with Everclear alcohol wash then thorough purification, so you get only the cleanest, purest cannabis in your soda.

Available in popular flavors and multiple potency levels

Unlike some of our competitors who have focused on esoteric flavors like Pomegranate, we went with the tried and true flavors everyone loves for parties and at the grocery store: Orange Cream, Lemon Lime, and Cola. And we made all 3 of these great flavors available in all 3 of our potency levels: 10, 50, and 100 mg per 9 oz bottle. So we’re not limiting our retailers or our consumers and forcing them to compromise on what they want.

For a quick “cheat sheet” reference on these factors, ping Noel and ask him for our Cannabis-Infused Beverages Comparison Chart.