Natural Craft Sodas and Beverages, Infused with Aloha

Hawaii is more than hot sun, fresh air and crystal blue waters. It’s a state of mind. It’s a peaceful, smile-inducing relaxation that’s born in your heart and lives in your soul. At Olala, it’s our mission to package that magical feeling in every product we make. Our all-natural, cannabis infused sodas and sparkling waters, flavor-rich terpene tonics, premium blend coffee and full-spectrum vape oils are made with pride and infused with Aloha. Kick back and enjoy the ride. Life’s better chilled.

Cannabis Infused Sodas

Mango Cannabis Soda


Sweet, bright, and refreshing, like breakfast at the beach. You’ll come back for this one again and again!
Blue Raspberry THC Infused Soda

Blue Raspberry

The crisp taste of delicious raspberries and our ultra-pure CO2 extract come together in this wonderful new flavor.
Cannabis Infused Guava Soda


How can something so pretty taste so amazing? Doesn’t seem fair, but you won’t mind when it comes to this delicious tropical delight.
Olala Honeydew Melon Cannabis Soda

Honeydew Melon

2018 Dope Cup Winner! An amazing new cannabis soda flavor. Sweet and delicious like a summer Honeydew!
Olala Orange Cream Cannabis Soda

Orange Cream

2017 Dope Cup Winner! Tastes just like at the soda fountain! Super yummy Orange Cream with a hint of cannabis taste in the finish.
Olala Pineapple Cannabis Soda


2018 Dope Cup Runner Up! Delicious, tangy, and sweet — like a pineapple grown in the Hawaiian sun!
Olala Fruit Punch Cannabis Soda

Fruit Punch

2018 Dope Cup Runner Up! Just like the island style Malolo fruit punch your Auntie used to give you when you were good!
Olala Cannabis Infused Soda – Classic Cola

Classic Cola

Spicy, sweet, completely classic - the true cola you've been looking for!
Olala Lemon Lime Cannabis Soda

Lemon Lime Citrus

Like a blend of Sprite and Squirt, strong citrus notes including grapefruit - all with a cannabis kick
Olala Spiced CranApple THC Cannabis Soda

Spiced CranApple

Bring some magic into your holiday with this cannabis-infused seasonal soda with hints of warm spices and sweet apples. Yum!

Infused Sparkling Waters

Olala Sparkling Cannabis Water: Lime

Sparkling Lime

Full of citrus kick plus bubbles - a crisp & refreshing drink!
Olala Sparkling Cannabis Water: Peach Pear

Sparkling Peach Pear

Light pear flavor rounded out with sweet peach - like a blast of summer!
Olala Sparkling Cannabis Water: Pineapple Strawberry

Sparkling Pineapple Strawberry

Experience the unique punch of this tasty tropical blend!
Tangerine CBD Mineral Water

Tangerine CBD Mineral Water

This delicious mineral water is CBD-forward — for a boost of chill.
25mg CBD + 2.5mg THC50mg CBD + 10mg THC

Terpene Tonics

Olala Blueberry Indica Terpene Tonic

Blueberry Indica Tonic

A sparkling, refreshing, no-sugar take on your favorite Indica strain! 10 mgs of THC meets full-spectrum Blueberry terpenes for the authentic flavor you love. Mix it with other beverages or drink it straight - you’ll get a relaxed, “Blueberry” kind of feeling.
10mg THC
OG Grapefruit Sativa Terpene Tonic

OG Grapefruit Sativa Tonic

Citrusy, spicy, and tangy, our Grapefruit Sativa gives you a lift just when you need it. 10 mgs of THC plus our full-profile Grapefruit terps — enjoy!
10mg THC
Olala Cashy’s Honey CBD Terpene Tonic

Cashy’s Honey CBD Tonic

We love the unique blend of terpenes in this rich and nuanced Cashy’s Honey high-CBD tonic. With as much as 20 mgs of CBD combined with 10 mgs of THC in every bottle, our Cashy’s can help you chill out any time, anywhere.
20mg CBD + 10mg THC