Cannabis Infused Sodas

Winner of three DopeCup Awards! Crisp, light and refreshingly sweet, our cannabis infused sodas help you find your own paradise right here in Washington.

Cannabis Infused Guava Soda


How can something so pretty taste so amazing? Doesn’t seem fair, but you won’t mind when it comes to this delicious tropical delight.
Blue Raspberry THC Infused Soda

Blue Raspberry

The crisp taste of delicious raspberries and our ultra-pure CO2 extract come together in this wonderful new flavor.
Olala Honeydew Melon Cannabis Soda

Honeydew Melon

2018 Dope Cup Winner! An amazing new cannabis soda flavor. Sweet and delicious like a summer Honeydew!
Olala Orange Cream Cannabis Soda

Orange Cream

2017 Dope Cup Winner! Tastes just like at the soda fountain! Super yummy Orange Cream with a hint of cannabis taste in the finish.
Olala Pineapple Cannabis Soda


2018 Dope Cup Runner Up! Delicious, tangy, and sweet — like a pineapple grown in the Hawaiian sun!
Olala Fruit Punch Cannabis Soda

Fruit Punch

2018 Dope Cup Runner Up! Just like the island style Malolo fruit punch your Auntie used to give you when you were good!
Olala Cannabis Infused Soda – Classic Cola

Classic Cola

Spicy, sweet, completely classic - the true cola you've been looking for!
Olala Lemon Lime Cannabis Soda

Lemon Lime Citrus

Like a blend of Sprite and Squirt, strong citrus notes including grapefruit - all with a cannabis kick
Olala Spiced CranApple THC Cannabis Soda

Spiced CranApple

Bring some magic into your holiday with this cannabis-infused seasonal soda with hints of warm spices and sweet apples. Yum!