Cannabis Infused Sparkling Waters

Sugar free and boosted with tropical flavor, our cannabis infused sparkling waters hit you like a cool island breeze.

Olala Sparkling Cannabis Water: Lime

Sparkling Lime

Full of citrus kick plus bubbles - a crisp & refreshing drink!
Olala Sparkling Cannabis Water: Peach Pear

Sparkling Peach Pear

Light pear flavor rounded out with sweet peach - like a blast of summer!
Olala Sparkling Cannabis Water: Pineapple Strawberry

Sparkling Pineapple Strawberry

Experience the unique punch of this tasty tropical blend!
Tangerine CBD Mineral Water

Tangerine CBD Mineral Water

This delicious mineral water is CBD-forward — for a boost of chill.
25mg CBD + 2.5mg THC50mg CBD + 10mg THC