Terpene Tonics

What do you get when you marry full-profile, single-batch cannabis terpenes with sparkling water and a little bit of THC? Olala’s Terpene Tonics! Refreshing, sugar-free, sparkling waters are true to the plant, bringing you all of the unique terpene combinations you crave!

Olala Blueberry Indica Terpene Tonic

Blueberry Indica Tonic

A sparkling, refreshing, no-sugar take on your favorite Indica strain! 10 mgs of THC meets full-spectrum Blueberry terpenes for the authentic flavor you love. Mix it with other beverages or drink it straight - you’ll get a relaxed, “Blueberry” kind of feeling.
10mg THC
OG Grapefruit Sativa Terpene Tonic

OG Grapefruit Sativa Tonic

Citrusy, spicy, and tangy, our Grapefruit Sativa gives you a lift just when you need it. 10 mgs of THC plus our full-profile Grapefruit terps — enjoy!
10mg THC
Olala Cashy’s Honey CBD Terpene Tonic

Cashy’s Honey CBD Tonic

We love the unique blend of terpenes in this rich and nuanced Cashy’s Honey high-CBD tonic. With as much as 20 mgs of CBD combined with 10 mgs of THC in every bottle, our Cashy’s can help you chill out any time, anywhere.
20mg CBD + 10mg THC