Well Yes, We Did Actually Just Win a Sun Cup – Thanks for Asking!

Olala — Sun Cup Winner 2018This year for 4/20, we attended the Washington Sungrowers Association’s first annual SunCup, a celebration of sun grown weed and a competition for bragging rights for the most beautiful, flavorful, and sun-worshipping flower and extracts on the planet. Among a field of strong competitors, Olala Labs took home the cup for our THC Cartridge, which was extracted from our partner Cannasol Farms’ luscious OG Grapefruit Krypt, a sativa-dominant, citrusy, sweet, fresh-tasting strain that had the judges extolling its smooth, sweet taste and golden color. We believe that when it comes to extracts, the best input material invariably produces the best finished product, so our hats are off to Cannasol for their craftsmanship and expertise in developing this lovely strain, which for this competition we chose to work with as a fresh flower, “live resin” extract. After tasting the first couple of batches, we’re also fans of the terpene mix for the OG Grapefruit so we went ahead and made a Terpene Tonic with it – this is a yummy, fizzy, sugar-free tonic (in our signature curvy bottle) that is flavored only with the natural, single-source, small-batch cannabis terpenes from our favorite strains.

Check out our award-winning OG Grapefruit Krypt cartridge and OG Grapefruit Krypt Terpene Tonics at your local 502 store and enjoy!