Why You Should Drink Your Weed, Not Eat It

Are you looking for an excellent and more healthy alternative to smoking your weed? If you’re ready to try something different but have been let down by THC edibles, it’s time to think about cannabis-infused beverages.

Get Great Benefits and Great Taste

Is it possible to get a full-spectrum cannabis beverage that delivers all the health benefits of THC and CBD, gets you high without crashing and burning, includes good-for-you ingredients, and tastes great to boot?
You can. Read on to learn more about Olala from Lehua Brands, which may change the way you think about cannabis drinks forever.

How You Take Your Weed Matters

You’re using cannabis because you enjoy being relaxed and sociable. That’s easier when you get your cannabis from a beverage. Given the uncontrollable, unpredictable effects of other edibles, there are many good reasons to try cannabis drinks.

Benefits of a Cannabis Beverage

Why is drinking your cannabis better than eating it? Let’s look through the advantages

1. Cannabis Drinks Are More Enjoyable and Sociable

Taking your weed as a beverage makes it easy to socialize and enjoy the experience. Since the high lasts about two hours, you can enjoy another drink to keep the good feeling going. You don’t have to worry about a hangover the next day, and you can control how high you get. That’s a lot more enjoyable than eating a single gummy every two hours.

2. You Can Be Flexible

You can use your cannabis beverages in different ways. Make a custom drink by mixing your cannabis drink with a soda, or pour your drink into a glass filled with ice cream for a float that will make you float! Be creative and add them to your cooking or your cocktails.

3. Carbonation Helps Absorb THC/CBD

The carbonation helps you absorb THC/CBD. That means your cannabis drink will take effect quickly. With Olala, you’ll start to feel high in about 15 minutes, and you’ll feel the full effect within an hour.

4. Liquids Go Directly to Your Liver

Unlike edibles, liquids deliver the effects of THC and CBD directly to your liver. This process allows easier, faster absorption and a better path through your digestive tract.

5. Beverages avoid the unpredictable effects of other edibles

The effects of edibles are challenging to predict and control. First, they take a long time to hit. Some THC edibles can take hours to reach your liver and take effect. Once they hit, their effect can be overpowering. Sometimes there is no effect at all because it is difficult to obtain correct dosage levels in individual gummies, chocolates, or mints. The timing of the “effect” makes them difficult to use, especially for first-time users. You have to monitor your dosage, wait for the effect, wait while it wears out, and then take another one if you want to keep feeling high.
Compare that to using a beverage. A cannabis drink makes your high predictable and easy to manage. You can choose your potency levels and drink at your chosen pace for even more control.

Taste Matters

Let’s face it. Most cannabis teas, drinks, and infusions have one big problem. They taste nasty. The smell is foul, the taste is bitter, and the whole experience is enough to turn you off the idea of ever drinking one again.
Why would you subject yourself to a foul-tasting brew to get your high? With Olala, you can enjoy fresh authentic Hawaiian tropical flavors like orange cream, mango, guava, and blue raspberry instead of the taste of wet weed.
These fizzy, cannabis-infused, handcrafted sodas taste great. One sip, and you’ll wonder why you ever considered eating your weed.

What’s Different About Olala?

Olala’s cannabis drinks are more than just mass-produced sodas with some THC/CBD added to them.
These are craft sodas inspired by founder Randy Reed’s Hawaiian heritage and immense experience in the North American cannabis business formulating great products. Olala uses traditional ingredients combined with modern manufacturing to create cannabis sodas that are delicious, refreshing, beautifully packaged, and fun to drink.

What’s in Your Cannabis Matters

Does your cannabis have everything you need? The highest-quality cannabis-infused beverage has minimal cannabis after taste, yet offers a full spectrum experience. A full spectrum oil contains not just THC but CBD and other cannabinoids which are derived from maintaining the integrity of the plant’s terpenes.
Nature intended to provide much more than just THC from the cannabis plant. Olala’s patented technology retains the full spectrum of these additional cannabinoids while ensuring that the flavor of the soda and cannabis are synthesized to produce a sweet, flavorful tropical beverage.

Enjoy Olala on Ice

With Olala, you get high-quality, potent cannabis in a delicious drink that’s fun to use. You’ll avoid the unwanted side effects of edibles while enjoying a predictable high.
Stock up on Olala infused craft sodas for your next party, and keep some on hand for days you want to kick back, relax because after all Life’s better chilled.